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Brad began to first explore politics during the Ronald Reagan era and has been active since then. He is a long time member of the Republican Liberty Caucus and a solid constitutionalist. He believes the Republican Party Platform exemplifies the values of our Founding Fathers and the ideals of liberty.


Brad and his wife, Minka, of 42 years enjoy time spent with their children, grandchildren, and foster sons. He volunteered as a scoutmaster and was a member of the Boy Scouts District and Council executive boards as well as a recipient of the Boy Scout District Aware of Merit. Brad also served a term on the Fargo Forum Reader's Board.


Brad believes that men and women are endowed with certain unalienable rights. He believes every person has the right to life from conception to natural death. He believes strongly in religious freedom and the free exercise of one's religion.  Brad is a committed Christian and volunteers regularly in church service. He stands firmly against the establishment of any state religion or compulsion by any level of government to act contrary to one’s convictions. Brad stands firmly for freedom, faith, family, and Constitutionally limited government.

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